Kids Campus Child Care

Brings Out A Child’s Natural Curiosity!

Kids Campus Child Care in Port St. John, Florida is really out of this world! We take great care of our students, and expose them to the joys of learning. The child care center in Port St. John, Florida was started as a means to provide a nurturing and loving preschool program for the local community. As an added bonus, the children in the program get a great education. At Kids Campus Child Care, we are constantly improving our programs so that our students get the best experience.

Kids Campus Child Care Is Conveniently Located!

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Creative Curriculum

Kids Campus Child Care uses Creative Curriculumto teach our students. The Creative Curriculum is one of the country’s leading child care programs. It is comprehensive and flexible. The program lets teachers change lesson plans each week to meet the learning needs of their class. The Creative Curriculum also helps better meet the learning needs of each child because it allows teachers to customize learning. The staff at Kids Campus is well-trained and come with years of child care experience.

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Through loving and hands-on nurturing in an open environment, Kids Campus  Child Care brings out a child’s natural curiosity!

Preschool Programs

Parents need not worry about their child’s age when enrolling at Kids Campus Child Care. This child care program offers a number of different preschool classes for a variety of age groups, from infant and toddler care to pre-kindergarten prep. All the child care programs, including the infant class, provide an environment aimed at exploring and learning. Kids Campus Child Care works with a local elementary school to make sure students are well-prepared for the transition to elementary school.

School-Age Programs

Parents of school-age children can also benefit from the nurturing and love provided at Kids Campus. The school-age curriculum, called the Galactic Travelers, is a before and after school program for children ages 5 through 12. In addition to child care, students in the Galactic Travelers program also get help with school through homework sessions and tutoring. Kids Campus also offers summer camp and child care during school holidays and breaks.

Look for the bright yellow Kids Campus building for amazing child care in Port St. John, Florida!

Through loving and hands-on nurturing in an open environment, Kids Campus Child Care brings out a child’s natural curiosity and works on developing a life-long love of learning. Each child receives individual attention, and our staff works hard at bringing out their individual strengths.

We are always happy to meet new families, take you on a tour of the center, and answer your questions.

For more information, please stop by (3805 Curtis Boulevard, Port St. John, FL 32927), call us (321) 633-1341 or contact us online.